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A professional, and a mother, I'd like to call myself Wonderwoman, but no one's perfect, right? You'd be suprised the trouble I can get myself into simply by getting out of bed in the morning. From running late to the sitters, to running out of Gas, then winning big at the local Bingo Hall and having the Lil Old Ladies cursing at me. It'll all be time... Stick around, the party's just starting!

A Week of “what the?!? I hate Cars!” – Part One

Okay, so maybe I don’t ‘hate’ cars, but I do dislike how utterly relied upon mine has become. Let me tell you a story, or two, or three.  A long time ago, in a far away place…  Oh, wait, that’s … Continue reading

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My Outdoor Adventure in Mexico (2010)

If you ever go to Puerto Vallarta, be sure to find your nearest Vallarta Adventures rep and sign up for the Outdoor Adventure.  It is definitely worth your money.  Though everyone’s experience is different, here’s my account of the day … Continue reading

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